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Biography - Autobiography

Biography - Autobiography
DUBBELBLOED Etchica VoornAUTOBIOGRAOHICAL STORY PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONDutch | paperback | 176 pages | Uitgeverij In de Knipscheer | Haarlem | 2017..
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E HOMBR’I PUEBLO Hyacintho Rudolfo (Rudy) CroesBIOGRAPHYBiographical display of the vision of the late politician Betico Croes. The book covers in summary form the genesis of the movement to Separate Status to its implementation. On the role that Betico Croes had herein and other prominent poli..
Ex Tax:15.45€
GO AHEAD YOU'RE HOME The Caribbean Dream with Grit & Guts Tirzah Z.B. LibertAUTOBIOGRAPICAL STORYGo Ahead, You’re Home in Dutch: “Loopt U Door, U Bent Thuis.” These were the magical words spoken by the immigration officer, when we handed over our passports on arrival at Amsterdam Airport. My..
Ex Tax:17.50€
Mi Memorianan Aruba di antaño - Chinto Erasmus
MI MEMORIANAN Aruba di antaño Chinto Erasmus AUTOBIOGRAPHY This book is about the life of Chinto Erasmus. Through this story the reader gets an insight of life on PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Papiamento | paperback | 214 pages | Editorial Charuba | Aruba | 2016..
Ex Tax:24.50€
VERVLOGEN DAGEN IN DE DDR Dagboek van een stage (1982-1983) in het socialistische Oost-Duitsland Ricardo S. Macnack DIARYPRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch | paperback | 96 pages | Self Published | 2013  ..
Ex Tax:12.50€
Walter Palm De vele gezichten van mijn pen
WALTER PALM De vele gezichten van mijn pen Mijn memoires als dichter en essayist, plus ander literair werk LITERARY MEMOIRS PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch | paperback | 287 pages | Uitgeverij In de Knipscheer | Haarlem | 2023..
Ex Tax:22.00€
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