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Brand: LM Publishers
A SENSE OF BELONGING Artwell Cain HISTORYThis book was chiefly motivated by the fact that over the past years persons from the English speaking community in San Nicolas and other areas on Aruba have been over heard in conversations placing themselves outside the framework of Aruba’s national ..
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An Introduction to Government - Louis Duzanson
AN INTRODUCTION TO GOVERNMENT  Island Territory of St. Maarten Louis DuzansonHISTORYThe first basic reader written in English in St. Martin about the workings and structure of the legislative, executive, and supervisory (Lt. Governor) branches of the government of the "island territory of ..
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Brand: LM Publishers
BESCHAVING, BEKERING EN BEVOOGDING  Honderd jaar onderwijs op Curaçao, Aruba en Bonaire (1816-1916)Ronald Donk HISTORYOn Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire there were in the 19th century private and public schools. Children from well to do families visited the private schools and less fortnate ch..
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Caribbean Cultural Heritage and the Nation - Alex Stipriaan, Luc Alofs, Fracio Guadeloupe (eds.)
CARIBBEAN CULTURAL HERITAGE AND THE NATION Aruba, Bonaire & Curaçao in a Regional Context Alex Stipriaan, Luc Alofs, Fracio Guadeloupe (eds.)HISTORYCenturies of intense and involuntary migrations deeply impacted the development of the creolised cultures on the Dutch Caribbean islands of Arub..
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Dansen om te leven - Marieke Milder en Francio Guadeloupe
DANSEN OM TE LEVEN Over Afro-Braziliaanse cultuur en spiritualiteit Marieke Milder en Francio Guadeloupe HISTORY, CULTURE PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch | paperback | 110 pages | Dabar-Luyten | Heeswijk | 1999..
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DE KOLIBRIE OP DE ROTS EN MEER OVER DE GESCHIEDENIS VAN ARUBA  Evert BongersHISTORY PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONDutch | hardcover | 248 pages | Self Published | Aruba | 2018 | 1rst edition..
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Dienstbaar aan de keten - Karwan Fattah-Black, Lauren Lauret & Joris van den Tol
DIENSTBAAR AAN DE KETEN De Nederlandse Bank en de laatste decennia van de slavernij, 1814-1863 Karwan Fattah-Black, Lauren Lauret & Joris van den Tol COONIAL HISTORYPRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch | paperback | 248 pages | Leiden University Press | Leiden | 2022 ..
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Brand: Prometheus
EEN KOLONIALE SPEELTUIN De Antillen achter de schermen Miriam SluisHISTORYPRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch | paperback | 264 pages | Prometheus | Amsterdam | 2010  ..
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FIFTY YEARS LATERAntislavery, Capitalism and Modernity in the Dutch Orbit Gert Oostindie (ed.) COLONIAL HISTORY The Dutch slave trade, slavery and abolitionism have long remained unduly negelected issues in the burgeoning international debate on capitalism, modernity , and antislavery..
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Friendly Anger -  Joseph H. Lake, Jr.
FRIENDLY ANGER The Rise of the Labor Movement in St. Martin Joseph H. Lake, Jr.HISTORYSt. Martin labor history. On the rise of the labor movement in St. Martin from its inception to the present.REVIEWS“Friendly Anger is a very important work not only because it chronicles and describes ..
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Brand: Eureducation
GEORGE MADUROHeld van Curaçao tot Madurodam Franky Drappier en Jan KragtGRAPHIC NOVEL PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONDutch | paperback | 48 pages | Eureducation | 2016..
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Guia di Monumento - Olga van der Klooster & Michel Bakker
GUIA DI MONUMENTO Olga van der Klooster & Michel Bakker HISTORY This guide gives three routes across beautiful cultural heritage. A route by car over the whole island and two walking route for the cities of Oranjestad and San Nicolas taking you to places only insiders know. Th..
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